Practice Nights

As the saying goes practice makes perfect.

Some racers at the club make driving R/C cars look very easy. That’s because they’ve put in hundreds of hours of practice. Not only in learning how to drive, but also driving etiquette and learning how to set up their R/C cars.

We have dedicated practice nights on Tuesday and Wednesday. These nights are a perfect time to improve your driving skill and set up your cars. If you’re having a difficult time setting up your car or need driving tips, we encourage you to ask seasoned racers for help.

There will be a Practice Marshal at the track to open and close the facility, as well as take practice fees from non-members. Doors to the club are open by 5pm, and normally close by 9:30pm.

Practice Fees:
Members – Free
Non-members – $5.00 for the night.

For safety reasons only Hobby Grade R/C cars will be allowed on the track. No off-road R/C trucks or buggies will be permitted on the track.

There are pit spaces available that include a table and chair. These pit spaces are reserved by members. If you are a non-member and borrow a pit space for the night, please be respectful and keep the space clean and tidy.

Practice Night driving etiquette.
Practice nights are normally uncontrolled, meaning they’ll be different car classes on the track at the same time. Some cars are slower or faster than others. We encourage drivers to be patient and share the track. Slower drivers are asked to pull aside when safe and allow faster drivers by. On the same note, faster drivers are asked to wait until slower drivers have moved aside to safely pass by.

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