Sunday Racing

CARCAR Sunday is a more relaxed, family-oriented event with a dedicated kids class. Sundays are an ideal opportunity for beginners to hone their skills and for kids to race other kids in a friendly environment.


Doors open at 10am for practice and racing starts at noon.

Sunday Classes:

TC Stock
Kids (USGT/Mini)
Anything else that has sufficient entries to justify a race !

What to run ? For beginners (including kids) we recommend USGT. While 
this is a little more expensive to start with than a Mini, it is easier to drive and can be easily converted to run in Stock Touring Car(TC Stock) as you get faster. USGT has the largest variety of bodies available and many are scale copies of actual street cars.


CARCAR Members:
Adults: $10 for first class; $5 each additional class. 
Kids: FREE !!

Adults: $15 for first class; $5 each additional class.
Kids: FREE !!

A Few Words on Kids Racing RC

CARCAR Sunday can be a great way to spend the day with the family. Bring 
Mom too -the ladies are often excellent drivers ! We have a separate 
class just for kids so they can race with others at their own level. 
Parents should understand that the focus is to provide a friendly and 
supportive environment for kids to become familiar with RC and racing in 
general. The kids class is not intended to be a highly structured race 
and clean driving (i.e. without hitting the barriers or other cars) is 
the primary goal. The club has transponders (these are put into the cars 
so the computer can keep track of when each car crosses the start/finish 
line) to lend at no additional cost. In most cases, 5 years of age and 
older is appropriate for the kids class; kids younger than 5 tend to 
lack the coordination needed to get a car around the track. Younger kids 
are certainly welcome to try it out in the practice sessions. Non-racing 
parents and children are welcome to come and watch.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sunday events are not a daycare ! Parents are required 
to ‘wrench’ for their kids (fix their cars, charge batteries, etc.) and 
keep an eye on them. Don’t panic if you don’t know about RC cars, we are 
happy to help and teach !

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