About Us

Who are we?

We are a non profit organization composed of radio control car enthusiasts of all ages, budgets, and skill levels. Our goal is to promote the construction and racing of R/C cars and establish a fun place in which to do so.

What do we do?

Essentially we race radio controlled model racing cars. From practicing your driving to testing your skills against other like-minded competitors, we provide a fun paced environment to do so.

What class should I run?

At carcar we run a wide variety of classes, each having set guidelines so that every racer has as much fun as the next person. The classes that we offer are as follows:

1/10th Electric Touring Car (most popular)
1/12th Pan Car, 1/10th Pan Car
1/10th Tamiya Mini
1/10th Formula 1

What car should I get?

Probably one of the toughest questions for us to answer. There are many brands of cars on the market. We suggest taking a few things into consideration before you purchase your first kit.

  1. Check to see what people are racing at the track. Picking one of these can help if you require setup advice or have question about the car.
  2. Parts availability, check to see if your local hobby shop stock spare parts for your car. And are knowledgeable about the products.
  3. Price. What can I afford to spend to get into this hobby.

What next?

With these questions in mind, visit your local hobby store. LHS are the backbone of the R/C world and can provide valuable information. If the LHS does not have what you are looking for, check out R/C forums (www.rctech.net), E-Bay or ask people at the track. There are a lot of used cars that have lots of life left in them.

Where can I find more information?

A good place to start is your local hobby shop, Internet, R/C car magazines, books and of course YouTube.

Calgary Horseshoe Club
4310 – 78th Ave SE
Calgary, Alberta
(club entrance is on the East side of the building)

92′ X 36’ Brand New BLACK CRC Carpet on a flat subfloor, with Clik-Trak Barrier System
AMBrc / RC Scoring Pro
Tables, Chairs and 120V power provided.